Join Us in Fighting Climate Change in Fremont


Dear Fremont Resident,

Our primary concern is to keep our community clean, healthy, and vibrant for current and future generations.   We are proud that our City has grown into a compassionate, innovative, and desirable place to live and work.  Yet we are facing challenges to our future with the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Climate change threatens both our economic vibrancy and our health.

Ultimately, the choices we make today as individuals and as a community will significantly determine the world that our children will inherit.  Fortunately, we have the ability to create a positive legacy through both local leadership and collective action.

Everyone in our community has the ability to take small actions that together can make a big impact.  Through energy and water use improvements, waste reduction efforts, and clean technology innovations, we have already decreased local emissions by 11 percent. Many of these actions have also saved money and lowered budgets. 

While we are already doing a good job, we can still do so much more!  Together we can move toward a clean energy future and make Fremont a national model of a sustainable modern city.

Join the Fremont Green Challenge and help create a clean, vibrant, and healthy future for our families.


Mayor Lily Mei